These are manga booklets available during a Quinrose comic fair.

Note: The booklets listed are just the ones sonic-nancy-fan could confirm exist with a picture. There may be more that exist (as it's weird some only have an Animate version).

Name Cover Author Release Stories
一迅社コミック特典フェア アニメイト特典小冊子 11月号 (Animate November)
Comic Fair Animate November
白川紗奈 25 November 2010 BorisxAlice
(Regular November)
Comic Fair November
白川紗奈 25 November 2010
一迅社コミック特典フェア アニメイト特典小冊子 12月号 (Animate December)
Comic Fair Animate December
白川紗奈 25 December 2010 BloodxAlice
(Regular December)
Comic Fair December
白川紗奈 25 December 2010
Alice クリスマス アニメイト特典小冊子 一迅社コミック購入特典

(Christmas Animate)

Comic Fair Christmas Animate
白川紗奈, 神尾アルミ 5 January 2010
(Animate Booklet)
Comic Fair Animate February
(Animate Booklet) Has Julius and Boris on cover March
Alice and Crimson (Animate Booklet)
Comic Fair Alice and Crimson Animate

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