Alice Liddell

Because Alice is an Outside and a "rare being," Crysta desires to one day add Alice to her collection of frozen items. However, for the time being she would rather play with Alice, because she doesn't want to be left alone by Alice; if she thinks Alice is going to leave her, Crysta WILL freeze her.

Blood Dupre

Elliot March

Tweedle Dee & Dum

Mary Gowland

They have never been shown to meet in the games.

Boris Airay

Pierce Villiers

They have never been shown to meet in the games.


Crysta dislikes Vivaldi. While what Vivaldi thinks of her is unknown, it's likely they share a mutual dislike of one another, possibly because they are the "Red Queen" and the "White Queen." Crysta considers Vivaldi vicious and her methods messy and wasteful.

Peter White

They have never been shown to meet in the games.


In Alice in the Country of Diamonds ~Wonderful MIRROR World~, they are playmates and often sneak out of the Castle of Diamonds together. Bothering Sidney is amusing to both for different reasons.

Julius Monrey

She doesn't hate him, but she thinks he is boorish and that he is insulting to women. Their limited interactions appear to be intentional, since neither thinks highly of the other.

Gray Ringmarc

As Crysta is a queen, Gray seems to respect her to some degree, and she doesn't seem to hate him; Gray may, however, be convinced she is a shotacon, thanks to Nightmare.

Nightmare Gottschalk

One of the people Crysta wants most to freeze and add to her collection is Nightmare, for he is a rare incubus. His terror of her is therefore valid, for he would rather be killed than frozen in ice for eternity.


It is safe to assume that since every roleholder dislikes or outright hates Joker, Crysta does as well.

Sidney Black

As Sidney is Crysta's Prime Minister, they work together a lot; much of the time this means that Sidney is trying to persuade Crysta as gently as possible to do her work. Originally Crysta took Sidney in after he was abandoned by his family. She may have taken him in because he seemed lonely, as she so often is. Their relationship as boss and subordinate is closer of one than Vivaldi and Peter, for Sidney does respect Crysta and Crysta loves to cuddle him when he in rabbit form. They are not as volatile a combination as their parallels in the Castle of Hearts, for Crysta truly enjoys playing with Sidney, or at least trying to get him to play with her.

Jericho Bermuda

Mary Gowland

The two have never been shown to interact other than in a "fan comic" by official artist Fujimaru Mamenosuke where she depicted them as doting uncle and niece. (This was entirely fictional even for the setting and therefore has no certain validity.)


They have never been shown to meet in the games.


They have never been shown to meet in the games.