Alice Series Drama CD "Drama & Comic CD ~Castle→Residence~" (アリスシリーズ・ドラマCD「ドラマ&コミックCD~Castle→Residence~」) is a Drama CD released as part of a collection, for the Heart no Kuni no Alice Movie.


This CD is set in the Country of Joker with the premise that Alice has been living in the Castle as her place of stay. When Alice offhandedly muses about eating some mushrooms as a change of pace, all of the members of the castle (minus the king) embark on a mushroom hunt in the forest located in the Hatter territory, taking her along. On their way to the forest they are joined by a curious Blood, and while the mushrooms they collected were surely tasty enough for the campfire they had, mayhem breaks out once it becomes clear that the mushrooms Ace and Peter found induce certain changes to one's character once consumed...


Track 1 translation

Track 2 translation

Track 3 translation

Track 4 translation (with video)



CD Images contain a small Peter/Alice comic where Alice eats a character-changing mushroom.

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