Alice Series Drama CD "Drama & Comic CD ~Residence→Tower~" (アリスシリーズ・ドラマCD「ドラマ&コミックCD~Residence→Tower~」) is a Drama CD released as part of a collection, for the Heart no Kuni no Alice Movie.


This CD is set in the Country of Joker with the premise that Alice has been living in the Hatter Residence as her place of stay. While having a regular tea party Alice notices that Elliot is upto something which turns out to be a trip to the Clover tower, but once everyone gets there (persuaded by Alice who felt sympathy for Elliot) they find that Elliot brought them to witness a 'fight' between him and Gray to decide who respects their boss more. Despite the fact that nobody other than Elliot has the slightest interest in such a battle, somehow they end up having a snowball fight to determine the winner, made more complex by the fact one has to state a good point about their own boss whenever they throw a snowball. Obviously with this group of misfits the main point of the game starts to change before too long....




  • CD Images contain a small Elliot x Alice comic.

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