This is a summary of the Excessive Responsibility End you can get in Heart no Kuni no Alice and Anniversary no Kuni no Alice.

In the Dream World, Nightmare askes Alice if she's returning. Alice says she has to return but Nightmare says that if she does a nightmare will await her. Alice askes Nightmare if he's a nightmare. Nightmare replies that he's a dream demon, the symbol of Wonderland. In Wonderland they're all nightmares but when Alice returns to her world their true colours will be revealed.

The world falls into darkness and Nightmare says that even if she doesn't want to see or hear it she will. That's reality and the nightmare. He asks if she will recall what she forgot and says that the nightmare begins from now. Nightmare says that her paused nightmare will begin and askes her again if she wants to go. Alice replies that she will go because she has no choice but to. She says to herself that it's unpleasent but that's her reality.

Alice steps forward and in a flash of light she back in her world. She's back in her garden and Lorina is on her way back. Alice askes her if she fell asleep and Lorina replies that she did. Lorina askes if Alice had a bad dream.

Alice wonders if she had a dream why is she holding the vial in her hand. Nightmare brought her back and told her that she wasn't in a dream. Though the dream was comfortable, the white rabbit was mean until the end so it might be revenge. It isn't cruel for her not to be able to escape a nightmare and since she found out it wasn't a dream she feels like running away.

Alice replies to Lorina that she didn't have a bad dream and that it was a good dream. Lorina smiles kindly at Alice's answer. She then says that since it was a dream, it had no purpose. Alice agrees and says that Lorina understands her.

Alice says to herself that she recalls the dream and the one who smiled gently and disappeared - the afterimage of time. It ends will her saying that she has to wake up gradually.

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