Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World ( 劇場版ハートの国のアリス~Wonderful Wonder World~) is a movie that was released on July 30, 2011. The DVD was released on February 15 2012. The story is and original story that takes place in the Country of Hearts, yet it may be April Season as Joker is featured in the movie.


A plot description will be added eventfully, but the movie really doesn't have much of a coherent plot. Even fans of the series who know a lot about the games have a hard time following the movie.



  • Original Work - Quinrose
  • Director - Hideaki Oba
  • Supervision - Quinrose
  • Screenplay - 五月攻
  • Original Character - Quinrose
  • Art Set - Akihoro Hirasawa
  • Art Director - Michie Suzuki
  • Music - 鞠
  • Animation - Asahi Production, Quinrose
  • Distributor - Clock Works


TV Trailer

映画『劇場版ハートの国のアリス ~Wonderful Wonder World~』予告編01:42

映画『劇場版ハートの国のアリス ~Wonderful Wonder World~』予告編

DVD Trailer

DVD版ハートの国のアリスOP 【Theater version】heart no kuni01:46

DVD版ハートの国のアリスOP 【Theater version】heart no kuni



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