Humpty is one of the Mad Eggs along with his brother Dumpty. They're in the game Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Twin World~, replacing Tweedle Dee and Dum.


Humpty appears to be a young adult man slightly older than Alice. He also appears to be older than Dumpty, however both maintain that they were hatched at the same time.

Humpty has pink hair with a white lock by his left temple. Like Dumpty, Humpty wears military style clothes, though his are noticeably disheveled. His jacket and boots are black while his pants are white.

In special circumstances, Humpty can also appear as an anthropomorphic egg with wearing a tuxedo with a long tie.


Humpty is extremely vain and prefers being at the center of attention. He often announces that he's the most beautiful egg to grace the entirety of existence and grows violent if he feels that people are ignoring him.

Humpty is also relatively generous, he will do what he can to enhance the beauty of others around him. This can be to other's detriment; for example, Humpty find's Alice's terrified expressions extremely beautiful and will do what he can to elicit those reactions.

Another example of his generosity is that in his free time, Humpty is often found perched on top of high structures in order to allow more people to be able to see him.

Unlike Dumpty, Humpty has normal, if extravagant, tastes in aesthetic decor.

In his egg form, Humpty often has to calm Dumpty down. Rather than arguing, he tries to persuade Alice and Dumpty to see his point of view.


Not much is known about either Humpty or Dumpty's past. While Humpty appears to be the older brother, he claims neither he nor Dumpty really care about who came first, like the chicken and the egg.

It is hinted that he has been in Wonderland before, during a previous storm.

When we find him in the game, he is already ensconced in the Hatter Mansion as one of the twin gatekeepers, and has a reputation for being vain, self-important, and causing violent commotions with the faceless in town. 



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  • Humpty is not in the movie


  • Humpty is not in the musical


  • It is unknown where Humpty or Dumpty come from.
  • Both Humpty and Dumpty love eating eggs, or foods that are in egg shapes.