This is the second volume of Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Kishi no Kokoroe~ (English: Alice in the Country of Clover ~Knight's Knowledge~). This series focuses on Ace.


I just want one person. One person who understands me.
A terrible night with Ace in the forest has left Alice reeling. Even if she's willing to face the darkness inside him, is she only doing it out of pity? Now that the mandatory assembly--run by Nightmare--is starting up in the Country of Clover, all the role-holders are gathered for a peaceful summit. Alice plans to use the event to try and untangle her feelings about Ace. In the meantime, Elliot is also falling for her, and love triangles, even tentative ones, can get deadly in Wonderland.[1]

  1. Macmillan Publishers plot description


  • Alice Liddell
  • Ace
  • Blood Dupre
  • Elliot March
  • Peter White
  • Boris Airay
  • Nightmare

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