This is the third volume of Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Kishi no Kokoroe~ (English: Alice in the Country of Clover ~Knight's Knowledge~). This series focuses on Ace.


When Alice tries to juggle her relationship with Elliot and her increasingly passionate affair with Ace, trouble brews behind the scenes of the assembly. A group of mysterious Faceless have targeted Alice, and the Mad Hatter has been plotting something sinister of his own. In a violent clash for control, it may be those closest to Alice who are in the most danger. The ultimate test will fall on the shoulders of the role-holders of Heart Castle: the Queen, the White Rabbit, and their unpredictable Knight of Hearts.[1]

  1. Macmillan Publishers plot description


  • Alice Liddell
  • Ace
  • Blood Dupre
  • Elliot March
  • Peter White
  • Boris Airay
  • Nightmare
  • Vivaldi

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