Alice Lidell

An Outsider is a person that is not from Wonderland. They have a face despite no role and a beating heart instead of a clock.

Known Outsiders

Speculated Outsiders

All of the characters listed below are fan-speculated and unproven.

  • Elliot March may also be an Outsider due to one primary point: When he got his role. The CG's of him in prison show him with eyes, yet Joker tells Alice that Elliot was a prisoner who obtained a role. One wouldn't say that if he already had his role before going to prison. That combined with him having visible eyes in the CG makes it seem like he could originally be an Outsider.[1]
  • Gray Ringmarc has hazy memories of a younger brother figure dying due to Gray's assassin ties. This could be the guilt that lea him to Wonderland.[2]
  • Nightmare Gottschalk has hazy memories of being a sickly child in a hospital where nobody ever visited him. This could be the point that he wished for time to stop, leading him to Wonderland.[3]
  • Sidney Black was disliked by his entire family, and then Joker offered him a deal. What the deal was is never state, and it is unclear if Sidney came to Wonderland to get that deal.[4]
  • Peter White killed his family as a child before becoming a role holder, though that is all that is stated. It is possible that those events led him to Wonderland.[5]
  • Jericho Bermuda has a scar on his forehead, and since most wounds heal in Wonderland, it is possible that he got the scar before coming to Wonderland.