These are vocal albums that include music from multiple Quinrose games, most of which appear on other albums. This line has four albums.

QuinRose Best Vocal Album 2007-2009 I

  1. Wonderful Wonder World - 4:01 {Eternal Alice}
  2. Bubble {Alice in deep forest}
  3. Blue prison {Shadow in sun}
  4. Between Rhythms {Crimson Empire ~Flamme~}
  5. 底なしの世界 {Alice in deep Sea}
  6. 凍った指きり {Alice in deep forest}
  7. 赤の世界 {Alice in deep Sea}
  8. 寄り道は長く ~Alt Lyrics~ {Alice in deep forest}
  9. パンドラ {Shadow in sun}
  10. Whale {Alice in deep forest}
  11. 水面下の仕掛け {Crimson Empire ~Glace~}
  12. Play by the Rules {Eternal Alice}
  13. 近くて遠く {Eternal Alice}

QuinRose Best Vocal Album 2007-2009 II

  1. Wonderful Wonder World ~CLOVER~ {Alice in deep forest}
  2. Song of Love ~St.VD Mix~ {Black Anniversary}
  3. Popular Lover {Alice in deep Sea}
  4. Reminiscences ~Alt Lyrics~ {Eternal Alice}
  5. 夢の後先 {Shadow in sun}
  6. Reminiscences {Eternal Alice}
  7. 鏡が映す、よそゆき顔 {Crimson Empire ~Glace~}
  8. あなたに花を ~Alt Lyrics~ {Alice in deep Sea}
  9. 白の世界 {Alice in deep Sea}
  10. 願いごと ~Alt Lyrics~ {Shadow in sun}
  11. 青い鳥のゆくえ {Alice in deep forest}
  12. Low-altitude Flight {Crimson Empire ~Flamme~}
  13. Star and Dance {Eternal Alice}
  14. An excuse {Eternal Alice}

QuinRose Best Vocal Album 2007-2009 III

  1. Crimson Empire (Ver.A) {Crimson Empire ~Flamme~}
  2. Wonderful Wonder World ~St.VD Mix~(Alt Lyrics) {Black Anniversary}
  3. Song of Love ~Alt.Lyrics~ {Eternal Alice}
  4. W.Liar {Alice in deep Sea}
  5. be in decline {Eternal Alice}
  6. Day in Day out {Eternal Alice}
  7. 賛美 {Alice in deep Sea}
  8. 手の鳴る方へ {Crimson Empire ~Flamme~}
  9. 願いごと {Shadow in sun}
  10. Reminiscences -Alt Lyrics- {Alice in deep Sea}
  11. Bubble -Alt. Lyrics- {Alice in deep forest}
  12. 青い鳥のゆくえ -version II- {Alice in deep forest}
  13. いつか終わるけど {Crimson Empire ~Glace~}

QuinRose Best Vocal Album 2007-2009 IV

  1. Crimson Empire (Ver.B) {Crimson Empire ~Glace~}
  2. DICE {Shadow in sun}
  3. Day in Day out ~St.VD Mix~ {Black Anniversary}
  4. Song of Love {Eternal Alice}
  5. 最果ての国 {Crimson Empire ~Flamme~}
  6. 底なしの世界 -Alt Lyrics- {Alice in deep Sea}
  7. Blue prison (Alt Edit) {Shadow in sun}
  8. 迷路の夜明け {Alice in deep forest}
  9. あなたに花を {Alice in deep Sea}
  10. 寄り道は長く {Alice in deep forest}
  11. Whale -version II- {Alice in deep forest}
  12. Solitary Dawn {Crimson Empire ~Glace~}
  13. Correct Direction {Eternal Alice}