Alice in the Country of Hearts ~The Clockmaker's Story~ (アニバーサリーの国のアリス~時計屋~ Anniversary no Kuni no Alice: Tokeiya) is a side story to Anniversary no Kuni no Alice focused on Alice and Julius.


Alice, having found herself in Wonderland and unable to return home, has been staying at the Castle of Hearts. Dealing with Peter and Ace isn't easy, but she's getting used to it, until Peter's constant showering of affection and insults about the other people set her off, to which she leaves. Julius gets a surprise when Alice shows up and tells him she's run away from home and needs a place to stay. So begins their life together, in a one-room work space with only one bed. Ace's comments that they act like an old married couple don't make things easier, and even Vivaldi and Gowland find teasing them fun. When their already complicated relationship is strained by a succession of surprising revelations, one last interference could make or break things. And Alice's vial is slowly filling...


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