Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Tokage no Hosakan~ (クローバーの国のアリス ~トカゲの補佐官~) is an adaptation of Clover no Kuni no Alice that focuses on Alice Liddell and Gray Ringmarc. It also features a short story from Crimson Empire.


With the world having moved to Clover, Alice, who'd previously been staying at the Clock Tower, now lives and works at the Clover Tower under Nightmare, along with Gray. She very much looks up to Gray, who is the most mature person she knows, to the point of romantic affection, but feels that he views her just as a child. When Blood's arm is injured protecting Alice during an assassination attempt on Nightmare's life, he requests that Alice help him with his work, and she goes to the Hatter Mansion to work. However, Gray isn't pleased, and the faction that had tried to kill Nightmare is looking to use Alice's presence at the Hatter Mansion to their advantage. Fortunately- or not so fortunately- Gray's past as an assassin allows him access to places that HE isn't so welcome...