Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Tokei Usagi to Gogo no Koucha wo~ (ハートの国のアリス 〜時計ウサギと午後の紅茶を〜) is a manga adaptation of Heart no Kuni no Alice that focuses on Peter.

The first volume was localized and released as: Alice in the Country of Hearts ~White Rabbit and Some Afternoon Tea~.



It all began on a fateful Sunday afternoon while Alice was in the garden with her sister…or did it? Alice doesn’t know why a white rabbit whisked her off to a land full of wonders, but the lines of reality have blurred, and she thinks she’s in a dream. It must be, since the white rabbit is a handsome man who’s confessed his undying love for her, and his whimsical Country of Hearts is surprisingly vicious. But when faced with this strange rabbit and the depth of his feelings for her, Alice starts to wonder how she could possibly dream up a love so deep…because it’s more profound than anything she’s ever known. At long last, the story of Peter White![1]

  1. Macmillan Publishers Description


English Translation

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